Schermata 2019-05-06 alle 08.59.35Beecos – Bringing Up New Eco-Scientists is an Erasmus+ project which involves five high schools from  Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, in the exchange of good practices in the fields of recycling, R.E.S. and the reduction of energy consumption.

Our aims are:

  • upgrading the teaching and learning activity focusing on the scientific areas  (Mathematics, Science and Technology);
  • improving ICT and foreign language competences;
  • fostering knowledge and active use of the specific scientific and technical micro-language;
  • enhancing scientific competences through direct experience.


Environmental education has become a primary political, social goal of the European governments.

Schools are major consumers of resources (energy, paper, water, food) and generate waste, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions but they have also the potential to use resources efficiently.
This potential, combined with the ability to teach next generation and communities of families using examples, makes -schools fundamental actors to guide the world towards a more sustainable model of development.

Five countries are involved in the project:

    Italy :                          


   Spain :

  France :

  Greece :

  Bulgary :